Extreme Duty Breathers

The Des-Case Extreme Duty (XD) desiccant breather has excellent vibration and impact resistance, can withstand broad temperature ranges, has expansive chemical compatibility, and features quality check valve technology while still accommodating higher air flow.  The Extreme Duty breather also has the best filter efficiency of any Des-Case breather―down to 0.3µ absolute (β0.3≥200).


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Product Specs
Unit Height (mm) 165.4
Unit Diameter (mm) 129.5
Connection Size 1 1/2" x 16 UN female thread
Amount of Silica Gel (kg) 0.79
Adsorption Capacity (ml) 315
Max. Flow Rate (lpm) 456 @ 70 mbar
Filter Efficiency 0.3µ absolute (β₃≥200)
Operating Temp. Range (°C) -40° to 149°
Customized desiccant breathers offer several alternative or secondary agent media options that can be mixed to meet specific environmental and chemical needs.




ORANGE SILICA GEL - Silica gel is the most efficient and economic moisture adsorbent for general applications. Des-Case offers two types of indicating silica gel, blue-to-pink or orange-to-white. The difference between the two is the chemical used to indicate the color-change. Blue-to-pink uses cobalt chloride and orange-to-white uses ferric ammonium sulfate.


ACTIVATED CARBON - Activated carbon is an ideal adsorbent in applications requiring fume mitigation or air purification.


MOLECULAR SIEVE - Molecular sieve has high efficiency at low levels of humidity. It is best for drying highly polar alcohols, unsaturated hydrocarbons, and static dehydration of gas.


ACTIVATED ALUMINA - Activated alumina is most effective in removing organic acids, especially those that are larger in size.


LAYERED (BLUE SILICA GEL & MOLECULAR SIEVE) - Mixing media such as silica gel and molecular sieve are ideal for customers needing to adsorb both moisture and fumes simultaneously.


Contact Des-Case at 615.672.8800 or at [email protected] for help choosing the correct media for your application.

Model Max. Airflow at 70 MBAR Recommended Max. Volume
Gearbox / Storage Tank Hydraulic Reservoir
DCE-XD-6 456 lpm 1893 L 757 L

Please Note: This is intended as a general guideline for sizing only; other considerations, such as: humidity level, frequency of air flow, ambient temperatures, and chemical compatibility are very important in sizing a breather properly. Larger applications and special circumstances typically require the most thorough analysis. Please contact Des-Case for assistance in sizing a breather.


  • Harsh Environments
  • Mobile & Off-Road Equipment
  • Hydraulics
  • Wash Downs
  • High Vibration/Impact
  • Nautical Applications

As wet, contaminated air is drawn through the unit, multiple 0.3 micron filter elements remove solid particulate while the color-indicating silica gel extracts moisture. When air is expelled from the container, the top foam pad prevents oil mist from contacting silica gel or entering the atmosphere.


Seeing Pink?

A pink breather means it has done its job keeping moisture out of your lubricants. Time to replace the breather with a new one.

Description Part Number
1 " NPT Threaded Adapter for DCE-XD-6 DCE-DSA-10
3/4" NPT Threaded Adapter for DCE-XD-6 DCE-DSA-17
3/4" NPT Vent Valve Adapter for DCE-XD-6 DCE-XDVA-12M
1" NPT Vent Valve Adapter for DCE-XD-6 DCE-XDVA-16M
  • Removes moisture in the headspace of equipment
  • Eliminates rust-forming condensation
  • Prevents sludge deposits and water-contaminated oil
  • Prevents contamination ingress
  • Provides longer lubricant life
  • Reduces wear and tear on equipment, prolongs life
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