Rebuildable Steel Breathers

Des-Case Rebuildable Steel (RS) breathers were designed specifically for applications, such as bulk storage tanks or large circulating lube oil systems, where there are very high temperatures, extremely polluted air, or a corrosive environment.  They are ruggedly designed, with housings of powder-coated carbon steel or stainless steel.  The hygroscopic agent (desiccant) is enclosed in a bag of polypropylene filter material.  This desiccant bag filter is easily installed when it is time to replace or recharge the unit.  The 1-micron pleated filter has a large surface area, resulting in long service life.  Like the bag filter, it is easily replaced without removing the breather from service.  Rebuildable Steel breathers accommodate large air flow rates with minimal pressure drops.

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Product Specs









Unit Height (mm) 292 349 464 489 571 794 1010 787 933 1086
Unit Diameter (mm) 257.2 257.2 257.2 393.7 393.7 393.7 393.7 596.9 596.9 596.9
Connection Size 2" 2" 2" 3" 3" 3" 3" 4" 4" 4"
Amount of Silica Gel (kg) 1.36 2.27 4.08 6.8 11.34 22.68 34.02 45.36 68.04 90.72
Max. Flow Rate (lpm) 2407 @ 70 mbar 2407 @ 70 mbar 2265 @ 70 mbar 5805 @ 70 mbar 3964 @ 70 mbar 3256 @ 70 mbar 2265 7645 @ 70 mbar 7079 @ 70 mbar 6796 @ 70 mbar
Filter Efficiency 1µ absolute (β₁≥1000) 1µ absolute (β₁≥1000) 1µ absolute (β₁≥1000) 1µ absolute (β₁≥1000) 1µ absolute (β₁≥1000) 1µ absolute (β₁≥1000) 1µ absolute (β₁≥1000) 1µ absolute (β₁≥1000) 1µ absolute (β₁≥1000) 1µ absolute (β₁≥1000)
Operating Temp. Range (°C) -29° to 104° -29° to 104° -29° to 104° -29° to 104° -29° to 104° -29° to 104° -29° to 104° -29° to 104° -29° to 104° -29° to 104°
Customized desiccant breathers offer several alternative or secondary agent media options that can be mixed to meet specific environmental and chemical needs.




ORANGE SILICA GEL - Silica gel is the most efficient and economic moisture adsorbent for general applications. Des-Case offers two types of indicating silica gel, blue-to-pink or orange-to-white. The difference between the two is the chemical used to indicate the color-change. Blue-to-pink uses cobalt chloride and orange-to-white uses ferric ammonium sulfate.


ACTIVATED CARBON - Activated carbon is an ideal adsorbent in applications requiring fume mitigation or air purification.


MOLECULAR SIEVE - Molecular sieve has high efficiency at low levels of humidity. It is best for drying highly polar alcohols, unsaturated hydrocarbons, and static dehydration of gas.


ACTIVATED ALUMINA - Activated alumina is most effective in removing organic acids, especially those that are larger in size.


LAYERED (BLUE SILICA GEL & MOLECULAR SIEVE) - Mixing media such as silica gel and molecular sieve are ideal for customers needing to adsorb both moisture and fumes simultaneously.


Contact Des-Case at 615.672.8800 or at [email protected] for help choosing the correct media for your application.

Model Max. Airflow at 70 MBAR Recommended Max. Volume
Storage Tank Hydraulic Reservoir
DCE-RS-3 2407 lpm 3028 L 1514 L 
DCE-RS-5 2407 lpm 4921 L  2271 L 
DCE-RS-9 2265 lpm  9085 L  4542 L 
DCE-RS-15 5805 lpm  15142 L 6814 L 
DCE-RS-25 3964 lpm 26498 L Contact Des-Case
DCE-RS-50 3256 lpm 52996 L Contact Des-Case
DCE-RS-75 2265 lpm 79494 L Contact Des-Case
DCE-RS-100 7645 lpm 113562 L Contact Des-Case
DCE-RS-150 7079 lpm 189271 L Contact Des-Case
DCE-RS-200 6796 lpm 283906 L Contact Des-Case

Please Note: This is intended as a general guideline for sizing only; other considerations, such as: humidity level, frequency of air flow, ambient temperatures, and chemical compatibility are very important in sizing a breather properly. Larger applications and special circumstances typically require the most thorough analysis. Please contact Des-Case for assistance in sizing a breather.


  • Bulk Storage
  • Diesel Tank Storage
  • Harsh Environments
  • High Flow Applications
  • Large Hydraulic Reservoirs
Below are some requested customized RS units.

Please note: Each one is specific to a particular application and customer requests. Please use as a guideline only.

Gasoline Carbon Steel RS Unit with 100% Molecular Sieve, standard components (gasoline can turn silica gel black, so some customers prefer the molecular sieve instead)
Ethanol Carbon Steel RS Unit with Viton, Plastisol
Diesel/Biodiesel Carbon Steel RS Unit with all standard components
Sulfuric Acid 304 Stainless Steel Unit with Viton, Plastisol, No Foam (can combine w/Activated Carbon if caustic fumes are an issue-combos in 25% increments)
Fyrquel (Phosphate Ester) 304 Stainless Steel Unit with EPDM, Plastisol, No Foam
Skydrol (Phosphate Ester) 304 Stainless Steel Unit with EPDM, Plastisol, No Foam
Aqeous Urea 304 Stainless Steel Unit with EPDM gaskets/seals, No Desiccant/Desiccant Bag, Standard Filter (Note: Customer requested no desiccant bags, other customers may want bag)
Hydrogen Peroxide (70%) 304/316 Stainless Steel Unit with Viton, Plastisol, No Foam
Steel Adapters
Description Part Number
1" NPT DCE-13-4C
2" NPT (DCE-RS-3, DCE-RS-5, DCE-RS-9) DCE-13-6C
3" NPT (DCE-RS-15, DCE-RS-25, DCE-RS-50, DCE-RS-75) DCE-13-10C
4" NPT (DCE-RS-15, DCE-RS-100, DCE-RS-150, DCE-RS-200) DCE-13-40C
Stainless Steel Adapters
Description Part Number
1" NPT Stainless Steel DCE-13-4C-SS
2" NPT Stainless Steel (DCE-RS-3, DCE-RS-5, DCE-RS-9) DCE-13-6C-SS
3" NPT Stainless Steel (DCE-RS-15, DCE-RS-25, DCE-RS-50, DCE-RS-75) DCE-13-10C-SS
4" NPT Stainless Steel (DCE-RS-15, DCE-RS-100, DCE-RS-150, DCE-RS-200) DCE-13-40C-SS
Download Adapters & Accessories Brochure


Rebuildable Steel Rebuild Kits
  Description Part Number
Rebuild kit includes desiccant bags, microglass filter, sight glass, gaskets, and foam Rebuild Kit for DCE-RS-3 DCE-RS-3-RK
Rebuild Kit for DCE-RS-5 DCE-RS-5-RK
Rebuild Kit for DCE-RS-9 DCE-RS-9-RK
Rebuild Kit for DCE-RS-15 DCE-RS-15-RK
Rebuild Kit for DCE-RS-25 DCE-RS-25-RK
Rebuild Kit for DCE-RS-50 DCE-RS-50-RK
Rebuild Kit for DCE-RS-75 DCE-RS-75-RK
Rebuild Kit for DCE-RS-100 DCE-RS-100-RK
Rebuild Kit for DCE-RS-150 DCE-RS-150-RK
Rebuild Kit for DCE-RS-200 DCE-RS-200-RK
  • Removes moisture in the headspace of equipment
  • Eliminates rust-forming condensation
  • Prevents sludge deposits and water-contaminated oil
  • Prevents contamination ingress
  • Provides longer lubricant life
  • Reduces wear and tear on equipment, prolongs life
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