Adapter Kits

Lubricated equipment doesn’t come standard with all the connections you need to apply desiccant breathers and filtration systems. Make the connection simple and easy with Des-Case adapter kits.

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Adapter Kit Products

Gearbox Adapter Kits

Modify the fill port of your gearbox with one easy kit to connect to filtration systems and protect during operation and fluid transfer.

Drum Adapter Kits

Protect and filter your drums right as they enter your plant and during storage with the easy-to-use drum adapter kit.

Tote Adapter Kits

Our tote adapter keeps your stored lubricants free of water and particulate contamination, even during transfer.

Drain Port Adapter Kits

A single solution for draining oil from gearboxes, hydraulic reservoirs, totes and other industrial equipment with the Des-Case drain port adapter kit, which functions as the connection between industrial equipment and filtration systems.