3-D BullsEye®

The 3-D BullsEye, made of a high performance transparent polyamide, allows immediate and accurate visual oil level monitoring from virtually any angle. Engineered to outperform and outlast traditional viewports, the inherently strong material provides excellent impact, chemical and UV resistance.

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  • Transparent Polyamide
  • Brass fittings standard on 1/4", 3/8" NPT, M10X1.0, M10X1.5, and M12X1.5

Recommended Temperature Range

  • -40˚C to 93˚C

Maximum Operating Pressure

  • 65 psi
  • 4,482 mbar at 93˚C

Chemical Compatibility

  • All gear, mineral and synthetic oils

Available Options

  • NPT, Metric, BSPP Threads
Description Part Number Outside Diameter Length from Last Thread
NPT Polyamide Sizes
1/4" NPT DCE-3DB0250 1.880 cm 1.849 cm
3/8" NPT DCE-3DB0375 2.286 cm 1.875 cm
1/2" NPT DCE-3DB0500 2.032 cm 2.344 cm
3/4" NPT DCE-3DB0750 2.540 cm 2.474 cm
1" NPT DCE-3DB1000 3.200 cm 2.794 cm
1-1/4" NPT DCE-3DB1250 4.064 cm 2.883 cm
1-1/2" NPT DCE-3DB1500 4.699 cm 3.134 cm
2" NPT DCE-3DB2000 5.893 cm 3.843 cm
BSPP Polyamide Sizes
1/2" BSPP DCE-3DBBSPP0500 2.235 cm 2.540 cm
3/4" BSPP DCE-3DBBSPP0750 2.794 cm 2.540 cm
1" BSPP DCE-3DBBSPP1000 3.480 cm 3.048 cm
Metric Polyamide Sizes
M10x1.0 DCE-3DBM10X1.0 1.143 cm 1.577 cm
M10x1.5 DCE-3DBM10X1.5 1.067 cm 1.577 cm
M12x1.5 DCE-3DBM12X1.5 1.334 cm 1.704 cm
M16x1.5 DCE-3DBM16X1.5 1.727 cm 2.540 cm
M20x1.5 DCE-3DBM20X1.5 2.118 cm 2.540 cm
M22x1.5 DCE-3DBM22X1.5 2.388 cm 2.540 cm
M24x1.5 DCE-3DBM24X1.5 2.616 cm 2.794 cm
M26x1.5 DCE-3DBM26X1.5  2.718 cm 2.794 cm
M27x1.5 DCE-3DBM27X1.5  2.794 cm 2.794 cm
M30x1.5 DCE-3DBM30X1.5  3.124 cm 3.048 cm
M30x2.0 DCE-3DBM30X2.0  3.429 cm 3.048 cm
M33x1.5 DCE-3DBM33X1.5 3.302 cm 3.048 cm
NPT Acrylic Sizes
1/4" NPT DCE-A-3DB0250 2.540 cm 3.4925 cm
3/8" NPT DCE-A-3DB0375 2.858 cm 3.4925 cm
1/2" NPT DCE-A-3DB0500 2.223 cm 2.5400 cm
3/4" NPT DCE-A-3DB0750 2.858 cm 3.4925 cm
1" NPT DCE-A-3DB1000 3.200 cm 2.794 cm
1-1/4" NPT DCE-A-3DB125 4.064 cm 2.883 cm
1-1/2" NPT DCE-A-3DB150 4.699 cm 3.134 cm
2" NPT DCE-A-3DB2000  5.893 cm 3.843 cm
BSPP Acrylic Sizes
1/2" BSPP DCE-A-3DBBSPP0500  3.175 cm 2.936 cm
3/4" BSPP DCE-A-3DBBSPP0750  3.810 cm  3.254 cm
1" BSPP  DCE-A-3DBBSPP1000  4.445 cm  3.414 cm
Metric Acrylic Sizes
M10X1.0 DCE-A-3DBM10X1.0 2.223 cm 25.4 mm
M10X1.5 DCE-A-3DBM10X1.5 2.223 cm 25.4 mm
M12X1.5 DCE-A-3DBM12X1.5 2.223 cm 25.4 mm
M16X1.5 DCE-A-3DBM16X1.5 2.540 cm  25.4 mm
M20X1.5 DCE-A-3DBM20X1.0 3.175 cm  26.975 mm
M22X1.5 DCE-A-3DBM22X1.0 3.175 cm 26.975 mm
M24X1.5 DCE-A-3DBM24X1.0 3.493 cm   28.575 mm
M26X1.5  DCE-A-3DBM26X1.0  3.810 cm  30.150 mm
M27X1.5  DCE-A-3DBM27X1.0  3.810 cm   30.150 mm
M30X1.5 DCE-A-3DBM30X1.0 4.445 cm 31.750 mm
M30X2.0  DCE-A-3DBM30X2.0 4.445 cm   31.750 mm
M33X1.5  DCE-A-3DBM33X1.0 4.445 cm  31.750 mm 



  • Pumps
  • Gearboxes
  • Storage Tanks
  • Viewport Replacement

How should the 3-D BullsEye be installed?

Installers should apply pipe dope or Teflon tape to the threads of the 3-D BullsEye. The 3-D BullsEye should be hand tightened. If there is any evidence of oil leakage, tighten 1/4 turn with a strap wrench and re-inspect. Continue the 1/4 turn tightening method followed by inspection until leaking stops. When installed properly, the 3-D BullsEye can withstand equipment vibration.

How can I clean/replace the 3-D BullsEye?

Since the 3-D BullsEye is installed at the top of the oil level, you will need to wait for the machinery to be turned off before attempting to remove it. Some oil will need to be drained to prevent spillage. Once removed, the 3-D BullsEye can be cleaned with soap and water. Extended periods of direct sunlight can cause “film” to build up in the 3-D BullsEye, but this can typically be wiped away when cleaned.

How durable is the material used in the 3-D BullsEye?

Polyamide is extremely durable. With excellent weathering and UV resistance, it is capable of withstanding years of exposure to sun, rain, and other extreme conditions.

I’m concerned about the 3-D BullsEye breaking. What can I do to prevent this?

The 3-D BullsEye is extremely tough and will require extreme force to break. However it is not recommended for use on mobile equipment because of the increased risk of having a high-impact collision.

When should I replace my 3-D BullsEye?

Years of exposure to extreme weather or caustic chemicals will degrade the polyamide over time. Watch for fogging and crazing (small cracks appearing on the surface of the polyamide). Given enough time, the 3-D BullsEye will degrade to a point where it is difficult to see and it will need to be replaced.